What is the Learning Outside System?

The Learning Outside System is any combination of;

  • the learning station, a double sided magnetic white board suitable for outdoor use
  • the panels & magnets, which are used on the magnetic whiteboard
  • tri-boards, a handheld lap-board with three functions, magnetic, chalk and whiteboard

What age(s) is the Learning Outside System suitable for?

The products can be used by anyone of any age, and in a variety of settings. However we specialise in panels and magnets suitable for children in;

  • Early Years
  • Key Stage 1
  • Key Stage 2
  • Special Educational Needs

What is the recommended number of learning stations?

The choice is entirely yours, however we recommend

  • 1 to 2 for Nursery Schools
  • 3 to 4 for Primary Schools
  • 5 to 6 for Visitor and Tourist Attractions

What can an Educational Advisor help with?

They ensure your school/organisation gets the most learning value out of the product;

  • Completing a site assessment to get the most out of your school grounds / visitor attraction.
  • Facilitating group training to ensure all the staff get the most out of using the equipment.
  • Support with the design of bespoke content for example; assisting with onsite tree, flower or bird identification in order to create a bespoke content, or creating a learning trail that is suitable specifically for your site or educational needs.

How do I purchase these products?

There is a variety of ways. You can…

  • Telephone and discuss your requirements,
  • Email and outline your requirements,
  • Order online using our Shop

How long will our products take to be delivered?

Once your order has been completed the delivery time with be up to 3 weeks.

How much will it cost to deliver my order?

The delivery costs of your order are as follows;
£9.90 for orders coming to an accumulative weight under 7kg
£19.90 for orders coming to an accumulative weight between 7kg to 30kg
£29.90 for orders over 30kg or ANY order including a Learning Outside Station.

note that costs will vary for customers living in the Scottish Highlands, Ireland, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man/Wight and all customers outside of the UK.