The Learning Outside System

What is the Learning Outside System?

…it is a combination of any of the following products:

The Learning Station

The Learning Station is a double sided magnetic whiteboard, mounted in a hand crafted wooden frame using responsibly sourced European wood and finished with a fine spray of varnish to make them suitable for outdoor use.

The Learning Station comes in two sizes;

  • SMALL suitable for Early Years & Key Stage 1 (0.97m in height)
  • LARGE suitable for Key Stage 1 & 2 and SEN wheelchair users (1.3m in height)

Panels & Magnets

The panels and magnets come with a wide variety of content. They can be bought individually (at £39 each) or in packs of 6 (at £199 each). They are suitable for children in;

  • Early Learning Years
  • Key Stage 1
  • Key Stage 2
  • Special Education Needs

Visit the shop to see what is on offer. Alternatively you can design your own content.


The Tri-Boards are ideal for small group work and a great way for pupils to interact with the lesson, they are a double sided hand-held board that are water-resistant and hardwearing. Every board can be used as a; Chalk Board, a White Board, and as a Magnetic Board. Features include:

  • The boards are custom made (250mm x 320mm) and a logo of your organisation or sponsor can be added to the boards.
  • Each board comes with a set of magnetic a-z letters and 0-9 numbers.
  • The boards can be bought individually, or in packs of 10 or 35.